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Conférence "Dune Song: Literature as a Map between East and West" par Anissa Bouziane

Le laboratoire CIRPaLL associé à la bibliothèque anglophone vous invite à la conférence

"Dune Song: Literature as a Map between East and West”

par Anissa Bouziane


Le vendredi 4 octobre 2019 à 14h30, Amphi J  / Fac LLSH


Anissa Bouziane will be talking about her new first novel, Dune Song (the title is "Sables" in French). The book, rooted in the personal experience of witnessing the collapse of the Twin Towers, centers around the events of 9/11 as seen from the perspective of an Arab-American woman born in the United States to a Moroccan father and French mother.


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